Monday, 29 August 2011

there's still time for making bread..

the sign says welcome in greek
to my house..
24 little bottles with a sweetly scented lily in each 
where there's bread in the larder
a sourdough loaf with sesame, linseed and sunflower seeds
and a new spare room
pure wool blanket ($4) and
ralph lauren quilt cover and pillow case ($5)
from op shop
with a view
spring and the camellia is in full bloom
and with an early australian hand carved
 children's chair next to the bed
it wasn't until i had stripped several layers of paint
off this chair that the carving was revealed
and a cupboard being prepared for the
spare room..
i'm using paint stripper to remove the wallpaper
 before i paint it!
which will be ready soon..
the wallpaper on the top came off easily and revealed
 this green finish which i'm leaving unpainted..
and a patchwork quilt for the bed
 i paper pieced hexagons of vintage embroidered fabric
 taken from doilies and table linen.. some was
embroidered by my great grand mother
which is nearly finished
each junction is being hand quilted with a little circle

and that i will show you when it's completed..


  1. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your house! May I ask what the 24 bottles are for? :)

  2. sometimes i don't want a big bunch..say of lilies in this i remove each flower and use the bottles as vases..other times i just use a few bottles with either the same or different flowers in each one..

  3. What a spectacular chair! And the quilt is lovely, too. I can't wait to see it all finished. It's such fun to see a bit of what you call 'home'.

  4. it is a gorgeous little chair took hours to restore but it was worth the effort..i've added a site that tells you a bit more about the chairs if you would like to read about their history..sorry i wasn't able to create a link.. by the way having read more myself i now realise that the design on the back is not carved but pressed..

  5. Goodness, you have been busy! The op shop manchester and the chair are magnificent!

  6. thanks celia..i have been doing a lot lately but i'm enjoying the process of getting my house a bit more sorted..i started renovating the house when i moved in a few years ago but when my mother died i lost my reno mojo for ages..but i seem to have it back thank goodness..

  7. Op shop bargains indeed! They all look like lovely additions.