Friday, 2 September 2011

mixed feelings

for about a week or so before the first day of spring yesterday i had been thinking about writing a post celebrating springs' imminent arrival but i hesitated over and over wasn't until i found this cross stitch yesterday that i realised what's been troubling me and what had stopped me..

there is no doubt that spring is a joyous season, with signs of emerging new and colourful life and increased temperatures, but the hovering uncertainty i felt about spring became clearer to me when i found this cross stitch of gum trees at an opportunity shop yesterday....

the cross stitch reminded me that victoria is the most bush fire prone area in the world and that up until recently our water catchment levels were at alarmingly low levels..

now that i am aware of what had been troubling me i can now more easily rejoice in spring's arrival and hope that this summer native and non-native flora and fauna and human life are spared the tragic consequences of drought and bushfire..jane 


  1. Spring is sometimes very unsettling for all sorts of reasons, my mother used to talk about 'springfever' and get very low when the sun returned. I have only ever seen fire once moving across fields and it was very frightening. I hope you get the rain you need in Victoria this year x

  2. I am so welcoming the onset of Spring! I'm a warm weather lover and Winter really depresses me! :P

  3. joanna..i think i have a major dose of spring fever..i've spent the last two weeks going through cupboards and rearranging and throwing things i can go to the op shop and get more! :)

    hope it warms up soon for you nqn