Monday, 8 August 2011

i'm celebrating..

the purchase of my first digital camera and achieving another of the goals i set out in my inaugural post with a big cup of tea..

and i thought i'd show how my pear vinegar experiment is going..

some activity in these pear scraps 

and how i have managed to use at least some of the huge bag of home grown oranges i bought from an op shop for $2..jane

orange cordial bottled in old woodroofe lemonade bottles 

candied orange slices


  1. Hurray for new cameras :-)

  2. Congratulations on your new purchase! :D

  3. I followed you here from my blog. Thanks for commenting on our renovation. I just had to tell you that Hazel was my maternal grandmother's name. She taught me to sew (as did my mother) and how to make pie crust.

  4. oh..that's so cool about your grandmother's mother and gran were great cooks and preservers so i'm sure my passion for both has been handed down..and my mother was an amazing sewer..another legacy..jane

  5. Hi Jane

    Just caught sight of your pear scraps experiment. I'm doing a similar thing with apple scraps. Strained off the apples yesterday and have definitely got an acidic cider vinegar. So exciting. I do hope you blog about your pear version again.


  6. Can't wait to hear more about your pear vinegar! Neither of my batches continued to ferment after I strained out the fruit, but I assume that the yeast continues to produce alcohol as long as there is sugar present. Keep us posted!