Wednesday, 17 August 2011

some style and dressmaking tips..

when i bought the book 'successful dressmaking' from the op shop for $3 earlier today my original plan was to use it for my card making in the same way i use the instruction pages of paper dressmaking patterns..but when i got it home and i looked at it more closely i realised that i had to share it's style and dressmaking tips before i do the dastardly deed and desecrate it pages..

unfortunately it doesn't have a publication date but based on the fashions i assume it was printed in the 1950s sometime.. i need to go with a small patterned dark fabric
with no boa or fur..
and smile even if  i've lost or never found my style mojo..
'yeah..sure..easy for you to say'..
' in a little too much for me'..
'and no belt is even better?'
'because shorter hems save on the cost of fabric
and it means less ironing?'
'do i need to be a mechanic too?'
yeah, but they are so jolly useful..
it's the 'ready for a little spot of housework' look
'i'll just slip a dress over this petticoat and i'll be ready darling'..
thinks "i'm having trouble breathing"
and says ' i'll just have a tiny portion thankyou'..
it's the 'i'm too cool for school' look
'why do i have to wear shorts with a long sleeve top?' 
now this is very cute
 my..haven't things changed?..jane


  1. I love looking through old recipe books and seeing how things were done so I can imagine these sorts of books would provide inspiration and amusement!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog and had a visit. I love the vintage dressmaking book and your running commentary! Your sourdough loaves look amazing and make me want to bake, but it's too hot here. Have a great day!

  3. This made me smile. Yes, I think things have changed, some for the better and some maybe not. I love the very girly looks of the 50's and 60's, but I do like my bulging pockets, and being able to breathe. :-)

  4. me too nqn..and children's books and there's an old home maintenance book i love that i've used for cards which has great 50s home styling tips..

    thanks for visiting lynne..i hope it cools down enough for you to make some bread soon..

    yes..50s and 60s styles are gorgeous but like you i like comfort and convenience as well..

  5. What a great find! Old recipe and fashion books are such a glimpse into a different time and place--like holding a time machine in your hands. I hope you will post some of the finished cards!

  6. I love the poems! :)

  7. hi wendy..i go to op shops quite a lot and it's rare to find such a's an historical document really..

    thanks for your comment celia..the poems are fun!

  8. This is such a delight! I find your comments funny too. There are some consistencies. I can also see some dresses being influenced by this kind of style. Thanks for sharing! It really made my day.

  9. thanks 'wga oc''..i actually love some of the styles from the '50s..many of them are classic styles that are very elegant..