Monday, 18 November 2013

vintage floral enamel

this lucky find was bought for $1 on the weekend!

i store my tea in this lidded's the perfect size for the one and a
half packets of tea i use to make my mix

i found this little lidded cup among my mother's things..
it fits perfectly in my bathroom cupboard  

if only i'd learned to like floral enamel earlier because unfortunately it's rare to find any these days


  1. I love your floral enamel Jane, I don't see it around much either...actually never!

  2. If I find some in our local thrift stores (which are treasure troves because Tasmanians have NO TASTE! ;) ) I will send them to you :)

  3. Very rare Jane. I don't think I've ever seen any either!

  4. I've never seen anything like it Jane! It's very pretty!

  5. Wonderful collection! Never seen any here. I really miss UK charity shops.....