Sunday, 10 November 2013


flanders poppy picked from my garden

thinking of

 my paternal grandfather whom i never met who served as a chemist in the field ambulance corps on the western front in france during world war 1..during the war he developed depression and he committed suicide when my father was three months old 


my father who, during world war 2, piloted four of the six survivors of the sandakan march in borneo to safety

grateful for

the sacrifices made by the forces


  1. Huge stories, big memories, lest we forget.

  2. I too remember. I read about the war and I ruminate over what it means and I remember that the working class gets plundered so that the rich can remain outside the circle of loss where profits can be made from the death of the masses. Sorry if I sound a bit bolshie there Jane but war is a terrible way to make a buck and the collateral damage is heartbreaking. My great uncle Oscar died at 18 in WW1 and my paternal and maternal grandfathers fought in WW2. An American relative bombed a German relative in a U-Boat...where's the logic? Did they cancel each other out? There is NOTHING good about war and if we learn nothing else from our past, this lesson is one of the most important.

    1. i agree with you fran..war is breaks my heart..x