Wednesday, 9 October 2013

vintage things

children's vintage handkerchiefs
i've been collecting these hankies for a few years
with a view to making a child's patchwork quilt
with them

 adult vintage handkerchiefs and doilies
i have dozens of embroidered and patterned handkerchiefs
and embroidered doilies..they're also for quilt making..
i particularly like these hand embroidered birds

i also love these hand embroidered animals..there's so
much work in them..the dog's my favourite

vintage towels
i found these brand new towels yesterday..they all
still had their original price tags on them..
the floral ones are a canadian brand by the name of camtex
and the striped ones are made by tara

do you collect any vintage things?
if so, what do you collect and where do you go looking for them? 


  1. The children's hankies are just adorable Jane, in a quilt they would be beautiful. Those towels with tags were a great find...I love the colours.

    My collection is large and varied! At the moment I am always looking for vintage picnic ware especially thermoses. Also Johnson ware and old children's books! I look in op-shops and sometimes our local tip shop. Happy collecting!

    1. i'm really looking forward to making the children's quilt jane..i don't have enough yet but hopefully i will by the time my children start having babies..they don't seem to be in a hurry so unfortunately i've got plenty of time..

      i also buy johnson ware and old children's books..i buy the books for card and gift bag making..i think i remember you having a gorgeous little collection of toy caravans..must check if there's a tip shop near me..x

    2. I almost forgot about my caravans Jane...a sign of too many collections perhaps!? I cannot access your email through your blogger profile, would you be able to email me your postal address? I have a little package that may go towards your hanky quilts. My email is scarsdalestation(at)bigpond(dot)com. Thank you!

  2. The towels would be a one in a million find surely! They look very special. I'm a big hanky fan and use them so much I couldn't spare any for a quilt LOL

    1. yeah..the towel find was rare..i hadn't planned on going to the op shop on the day i found them but i was passing by so i popped in and there they were..x

  3. Steve is rapidly approaching "vintage". I collected him from the U.K. I think I will stop at 1 only. I am hoping that they broke the mould when they made him because I don't think that the world could cope with 2 of them ;)

  4. you're very sensible only having a small, exotic and specialised collection fran..x

    1. and you won't qualify for an appearance on hoarders like some of us!

  5. Those kids hankies would make a beautiful quilt Jane and those towels...what a find! I just thinking I need to get my kids some beach towels, somehow I don't think my purchases are going to compare!
    My collections are varied like Ms Shady Baker. I do have a soft spot for old fairy tale books though

  6. thanks brydie..what sort of towels are you looking for..the typical ones or something a bit quirkier? i can imagine you being creative with your purchases..and have you managed to find many old fairy tale books? i'm finding it harder these days to find lovely old books because op shopping is now so popular unlike when my children were young when it wasn't mainstream at all..