Monday, 12 August 2013

random things

from the last few days..

left to right:

op shop doily purchased for $1 to be used in patchwork

op shop purchased johnson brothers plate from a set of 6 bread and butter and 6 dinner plates bought for $8

flowers picked from along a railway line heralding spring

roast pumpkin and capsicum soup garnished with yoghurt, parsley, chilli flakes and marigold petals

young's double chocolate stout, chilli and mushroom beef stew (served with champ)

sourdough bread


  1. What a lovely collection of good things Jane! I love the Johnson ware and your bread looks delicious as always :)

  2. It all looks gorgeously random and warming, Jane! Love the op shop finds but even more taken with your bread and soup! :) xx

    1. thanks celia..i don't think i'd ever get sick of home made soup and bread..especially in winter..x