Sunday, 18 August 2013

bread and cheese

making bread is an ongoing adventure that i know i will never tire of particularly because there are so many aspects to its preparation and baking that impact on the final loaf..i've played around with different ingredients in my loaves quite a lot in the last couple of years but i haven't experimented very much with my baking method..i've tended to stick to making freeform loaves with the very occasional loaf cooked in a 'proper' bread baking tin but this week i baked one loaf in a lidded cast iron pot and the second in a small round copper pan that belonged to my mother in law..i don't use the copper pan very often because the tinning is a bit worn but i was interested to see the result of using it in bread baking..

i would have been a bit disappointed if the copper pan loaf hadn't turned out well because i made it specifically to have with an italian cheese called brunet* that i'd ordered a few weeks ago after tasting it at my local providore..if you like not too pungent, gooey, slight goaty flavour you will like this's absolutely sublime..

sourdough bulgur loaf 

brunet, bulgur sourdough and roasted capsicum, garlic and dried tomato
concasse with a drizzle of balsamic

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  1. Hi Jane. You are always doing something interesting with bread! Your little platter looks very decadent and delicious!