Sunday, 4 August 2013

orange, currant and pistachio cous cous salad

i first came across this salad when i was working in a cafe while i was studying for a degree as a mature age student..along with typical cafe work we were also required to cook, make salads and do a lot of ingredient preparation..for instance on a sunday i'd make scones first thing in the morning before opening the cafe and throughout the day in between the other work we'd make omelettes in electric frying pans for anti pasta or make and cook terrines..we'd also do a lot of chopping and grating of various vegetables according to the future needs of the chef or ourselves..

navel oranges are fantastic at the moment..the ones i prefer are the thicker skinned variety and at the moment they are $0.68 c/kilo at my local shop so i bought a whole lot yesterday and i used some to make this salad..i don't follow an exact recipe but to make it you need couscous, finely cut parsley, orange rind (i like long thin curls), orange segments, orange juice, currants and pistachios..just make sure you prepare all the ingredients first before adding the juice because it's hard to mix them all in once the juice is added and add enough juice to make a fairly wet mix..after sitting for a while it will be absorbed..oh..and i like to add the pistachios at serving time otherwise they go too soft..

 i even like to eat it for breakfast!


  1. This looks so vibrant and delicious Jane! I haven't eaten couscous in ages, this is a good reminder for me. The oranges are tasty at the moment. I think I would eat this for breakfast too. !

  2. Like Jane I haven't had cous cous for ages either. For breakfast? Yes please, with a lovely big dollop of natural yogurt.