Tuesday, 16 July 2013

soul food

it's funny how our memories work
i remember my mother saying a verse a couple of times when i was quite young
and i've never forgotten it

if of thy worldly goods though art bereft
and from thy slender store
two loaves are left
sell one and with the dole
buy hyacinths to feed thy soul

from the gulistan (the rose garden)
13th century persian poet

the bulb forcing vase is an op shop find 
i wouldn't have known what it was when i saw it were it not for a dear elderly english friend who used to have several of these vases on her kitchen window sill with hyacinths in them each year
i put the bulb in the vase about two months ago and placed it in a darkened cupboard
i took it out two days ago because it had started to flower


  1. I love the verse, the vase AND the hyacinth :). You just made my day Jane, cheers for brightening up a grey narf7's Northern Tassie morning :)

    1. thanks narf7..the hyacinth is still going strong on my kitchen window sill and brightening my days too..x

  2. G'day! Love the verse and vase, true!
    Your flower and remembering something your mum used to say when you were little is special too! Cheers! Joanne
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  3. It 's too nice tea cozy in the cover photo.
    Ciao from Italy.