Monday, 8 July 2013

blackberry and raspberry trifles

blackberry and raspberry trifles
tea with hazel
serves 2


egg white cake (see recipe below)
blackberry and apple jelly (jam) *
blackberry ** and raspberry *** jelly (see recipe below)
marinate 1/3 cup blackberries and 1/2 cup raspberries with 1-2 tablespoons sugar or to taste and 1 tbs chambord for 1/2 hour
vanilla egg custard (see here for recipe)


~ slice 6, 1 cm slices of cake, spread 3 pieces with blackberry and apple jelly, then top with the remaining slices
~ cut each sandwich into four and divide the pieces between two glasses
~ drizzle the cake with chambord and divide the jelly between the glasses and refrigerate until the jelly is set
~ add the berries and then spoon over about 1/2 cup of custard 
~ cover with foil and refrigerate

egg white cake recipe
recipe adapted from here


6 egg whites **** 
125 gms castor sugar
160 gms plain flour
1 heaped tbs corn flour 
1 teaspoon (tsp) baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
100 gms butter melted and cooled


~ whisk egg whites with 2 tbs sugar until light and fluffy
~ sift flour, corn flour, baking powder and sugar
~ fold the dry ingredients into the egg whites
~ fold in the melted butter 
~ spoon mix into a buttered and base lined ring tin 
~ cook at 180 deg c for 30 minutes or until cooked
~ cool in the tin for 5 minutes and then remove to a cooling rack

blackberry and raspberry jelly


3/4 cup raspberries
1/3 cup blackberries
2 gold strength gelatine leaves


~ place berries in a saucepan, just cover with water, bring to the boil, and then mash the berries well
~ place mashed berries and juice in a muslin lined colander and drain into a measuring jug without squeezing the muslin (there should be about 200 mls..if not add water to make up the amount)  
~ add about 2 tbs of sugar to the strained juice or to taste and stir well to dissolve
~ soak the gelatine in cold water until soft, squeeze out excess water, then add to the still warm sweetened juice and stir to dissolve
~ set aside to cool


*       substitute with raspberry or blackberry jam or jam of choice
**     i used blackberries that i picked last summer and froze
***   i used frozen berries
**** i had 4 egg whites i wanted to use up; i made custard from the yolks of the other two whites


  1. Your cooking posts always have my stomach juices growling and drool on my keyboard before 6am. Today I made it to almost 7, a record! Love the trifles, just don't show Steve or he will want one ;)

  2. to be honest recipe posts are for selfish purposes too..i used to hand write up my recipes but now i just do a post..and i know my children have plans for printing it all when i croak..x

  3. Thankyou for sharing this, the trifle sounds gorgeous.
    LOL!! I love and share your reason for blogging, for me it's mostly learning and recording. I'm not a cook, but your recipes have inspired me several times and have always been easy and tasty. My kids aren't at all interested in my "wild plants", but hey.... maybe some day in the future.....

  4. thanks for your kind comments wcd..i reckon your children will one day recognise and value what they learned from you by osmosis and really appreciate the individuality of their mum and her gifts..x