Friday, 12 July 2013

op shop treasure

i'd been feeling a bit disappointed with op shopping lately

i used to find treasure quite regularly at my local haunts but in the last few months i'd found nothing that i wanted

fortunately i hadn't completely lost heart because today when i visited them i found something in each three

there were two of these hidden away in a corner
they will join my other enamel cups
i bought these ($3 for the plate) from the same shop as the cup above
i bought this old chopping board ($3) today from an op shop that i had
 virtually stopped going to because it rarely has anything i want
it's in really good condition and according to the sales person
it had only been used to cut bread
i will give the top a light sand though and a coat of orange oil
i rarely see tea pots i want to buy but i love this blue metal pot ($4)
i'll only ever use it for decorative purposes though because
it's made of aluminium 
another aluminium tea pot ($5)
i bought the 2 metres of calico ($2) for christmas puddings
and the printed cotton baby sheet ($0.50) will be
used for patchwork

happy weekend..x


  1. Lovely finds Jane, I have not seen a brown aluminium tea pot like that before. The chopping board is fantastic...imagine that with a lovely loaf of your bread on it! I hope you have a lovely weekend x

    1. thanks jane..the chopping board is a great's in really good condition and, as you said, it will be a perfect board for bread..i hope your weekend is a happy one too..x