Tuesday, 17 April 2012

op shop finds

from the last two weeks..

$2 for a pretty hand painted vase
i found the mirror in an op shop too a couple of years ago

$8 for this finely cross stitched piece in a
lovely old wooden and plaster frame

$3 for an early australian fowler ware bowl
$2 for the brand new hand appliqued table cloth

$2.50 for this coloured enamel bowl
the table cloth is also an op shop find but from a few years ago

brand new still in their packet vintage single bed
sheets for $7

used but in good condition double bed sheet for $2

$5 for this new t2 teacup

hop on over to
the shady baker
for more op shop treasure


  1. Love your finds Jane...especially those two sweet little bowls! The sheets will look lovely in your cupboard. Thanks for the link...how about those kangaroos! :)

    1. thanks jane..the work in that kangaroo crochet is amazing..i just love it..i have some other pieces that are similarly interesting..

  2. wow...lovely collections..
    new to your space..
    fascinating space you have with excellent presentation
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite

    1. jay thankyou for your lovely comments and for following..

  3. Wow! Fantastic finds! I lovelovelove the red tea cup!

    1. thankyou nichole..i don't collect teacups per se but if i find one i like i buy it so it's developing into a collection anyway..:)

  4. Oh I like that red teacup - it's been a long time since I found anything really good in a charity shop - I think there are too many others hunting for treasures these days.

    1. i find the best way to get the treasures is to go the same op shops regularly..i can then whip around the shop in a few minutes and i can tell really quickly if there is something new and that i want..