Wednesday, 18 April 2012

ginger syrup

question: hmm..what would be a good non alcoholic, cooling, thirst quenching, curry compatible drink to have before and/or with dinner..
answer: i about a home made ginger syrup with soda water, lemon juice and some bitters in there for fun..

ginger syrup recipe
recipe adapted from here
chop it
2 cups fresh ginger

blitz it 
the ginger

boil it
~bring the ginger, 2 cups sugar and 6 cups water to the boil and then lower heat to medium and boil for about an hour until it has reduced by about half

strain it
~through muslin squeezing to get all the goodness out

bottle it
~when it's cool and then refrigerate
~use within 2 weeks


drink it
~put crushed ice in a glass
~add about 60 mls of ginger syrup or to taste
~top up with soda water
~add lemon juice to taste
~a dash of angostura bitters
~and a lemon slice and mint sprig to garnish (my son's idea)

note: the syrup would make a great cocktail base too by adding 30 mls of vodka (my children's idea) to the above drink and using less soda water or go here for a great recipe i know i'm looking forward to trying..although i'd add soda water rather than the ginger ale..

cheers dears..:)


  1. Oooh, lovely! Thanks Jane. We love ginger!

    1. if you love ginger celia i think you will love this..

  2. yes to the vodka addition!
    We've been playing with ginger beer lately. Dead easy, and ooooh so tasty.

    1. ginger beer is one of my favourite fizzy drinks..homemade of course..

  3. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!! What an amazing idea! thanks for sharing my friend, have a wonderful weekend!

    1. thanks eri for your comment..i'm a bit slow in replying but i hope you had a great weekend..

  4. Oh yum, ginger. I love syrups and can see all sorts of ways of using this, although ultimately I quite like just plain water. Dash of angostura bitters is a stroke of genius.

    1. it's pretty good leaves a lovely gingery heat after drinking which i love..