Wednesday, 25 April 2012

fixing stuff

my north facing vegetable garden has suffered in summer from scorching heat so yesterday i had some cement removed from my back south facing garden to make way for a more protected vegetable garden..three men used a cement grinder, jack hammer and brute force to remove the cement..they then dug the soil and added a trailer load of compost and manure..i need to wait a few weeks before i can plant anything because the manure is still a bit potent and it's likely to burn delicate's rained since it was done which is great for the soil..

cement that was removed to make way for my new vegetable garden

i've been wanting a table for outdoor entertaining for ages and by chance i found the style of table i like at my local op shop last week..i had it delivered yesterday and my daughter and i spent the afternoon stripping paint from its top and it's now ready for sanding and then week we'll work on the legs which i think i will repaint..

layers of paint being removed from my 'new' outdoor table

i've had no bathroom door for the last 4 years because i removed the ugly vinyl concertina door that was in situ when i moved in and i hadn't got around to buying a new door..fortunately friends who've stayed at my doorless bathroom establishment haven't been fazed..while cleaning out the shed a while back i found the original bathroom door and i've been restoring it..

multiple layers of paint being removed from one side
  and varnish from the other side of this door

i found this little table in a skip a few months ago and i made the mistake of removing the paint with a view to just waxing and oiling the timber..but when stripped i found that it was made of a variety of timbers and it just didn't look right so it's going to be being repainted..

more paint being removed from this table

i am going to new zealand tomorrow for a little holiday and i will be back in a week..x


  1. Happy holidays and safe travels looks like there are all sorts of exciting projects happening at your house, I look forward to future updates :)

    1. thanks's been hard work but i'm finally getting much closer to finishing the renovations..hurrah!

  2. Jane, you've been so busy! I'm sure it will be nice to have a bathroom door again.. ;-) Have a good trip!

    1. thanks celia..fortunately the toilet is separate to the bathroom :)

  3. Love your table rescue - it's gorgeous! :)

  4. thankyou allana for visiting and for your lovely comment..