Wednesday, 28 September 2011

enamel 2

i love enamel plates..

'the leaning tower of plates'

and i have 56 of them in a variety of colours..and within those colour groups the plate and edge colours vary..for instance i have 14 cream plates but 4 of them are bread and butter sized with red enamel edges (these are my favourites)..and 2 of them are a bit larger with brown edges..and the rest are larger again with 2 having blue edges and the rest having green edges..the other plate colours are white, black, grey, blue, red, pink, green and yellow/orange..

and what do i do with them i hear you ask..well..i love to use them for afternoon teas..sometimes i will just use one colour but often i like to use a variety of colours to coordinate with the table linen, flowers and china..and as well as using them for entertaining i also use the plates on a daily basis..they're not dishwasher safe though so there's a bit extra hand washing up but that's never a concern.. 

but..the cups and plates don't constitute my entire enamel collection so look out for future enamel postings :)..


  1. Oh where do you find these enamel plates? I haven't been able to find any and I really wanted some on the past weekend! Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places :)

  2. hi nqn..i've collected them over the last 6 there..they rarely appear in op shops anymore though..