Wednesday, 20 July 2011


last sunday i met a friend of mine at a trash and treasure market in order to catch up and indulge our shared interest in sniffing out a bargain..we did our usual trawl up and down the rows of stalls and bought a couple of treasures..but several objects were picked up and put down because they were either too expensive or after careful consideration deemed not quite right or just not thing in the too expensive category that i looked at and had to walk away from was a brown glazed english ceramic hen on nest (in two parts) priced at $65..i love chooky things so i felt a bit sad but i didn't regret my decision not to buy it..

walchester brown chicken egg storer

on monday afternoon i had to go out briefly to buy more pet food for my neighbours two cats that i've been looking after for the last five weeks..because i was on a roll with a project i am working on i decided to go to the local butcher instead of the supermarket which is further away..while i was out i popped into the op shop for a quick look not really expecting to find anything because i had been there on saturday..but to my great surprise there sitting on a shelf was a chook not that dissimilar to the one i had seen at the market..but it was priced at only $9 and so of course i bought it..i don't tend to subscribe to 'it was meant to be' but in this instance the serendipity was quite uncanny..i wonder how many of you have similar stories..jane


  1. i love trash and treasure and bargain things! (i'm also a total hoarder ha ha )

  2. Jane, I definitely subscribe to the "it's meant to be" philosophy-it drives me friend mad! :P