Sunday, 24 July 2011

cherry and daisy

many years ago in another life i had a job that, among other things, entailed interviewing families..this meant lots of driving especially at night..i noticed that i was finding it increasingly difficult to read street signs without getting out of the car and literally peering up at the sign..because of this problem i began to harbour anxious fears that i was going didn't occur to me immediately that all i needed was a pair of glasses..

cherry hexagon

basting stitches and papers need to be removed before being
 hand sewn onto the tea towel

daisy hexagon

paper piecing required followed by the same stages as
the cherry hexagon

this week in between lots of gardening and shed tidying i've been trying out a few ideas for embellishing linen tea towels that i plan to sell at a market in 5 weeks time..i decided to make hexagon rosettes and i've embroidered the central hexagons to reflect the fabric design..this entails quite fine stitching and i've been struggling with my eyesight again..

it's time for new glasses or i will have to throw in the (tea) towel!  :) jane


  1. Hehe that happened to me. Then on my wedding day I decided to wear contact lenses and spent the whole time blinking to get used to them :P

  2. Is this why we love our computers, just make the font bigger? I have glasses and hardly ever wear them and then wonder why I can't read things or thread needles, not that I am much good in the sewing/creativity department. I used to do tapestry cushions in my giving up smoking days, but haven't touched tapestry or ciggies in years!

  3. nqn..thank goodness for contact lenses..they are one of the treasures of the modern world..although getting used to them can be a pain in the..eye..

    it's such a pity smoking is so non de rigueur and bad for our health into the bargain..they go so well with a drink or three :)

  4. thanks for visiting and for your compliment..jane

  5. Lovely! Hope to see the finished product!