Friday, 15 July 2011

find it, wash it, sew it

i love to search out all sorts of cotton only vintage fabrics and todays finds are of the sheet and pillow case variety..but i also collect vintage aprons, tablecloths and embroidered linen and i use them all in quilts..

todays op shop finds hanging out to dry

i like to leave washed and folded piles of recent finds on my work table for a few days  for visual pleasure before i store them for future use..

this weeks earlier finds washed and folded

and because i love the process i make all of my quilts using the english paper piecing method even for a quilt of this type made with 10cm squares..the finished quilt below will measure 170cm x 170cm and it is close to that size now..

quilt pieced with vintage sheets, pillow cases and a couple of aprons

and then when that's done i will start hand quilting but i first need to baste the quilted top, the cotton batting and the backing fabric together..

vintage sheet backing fabric

when the quilting is done i will then bind the quilt but i want to wait until it's quilted before i make my final binding fabric choice..jane


  1. Vintage linen is so gorgeous. I did a bit of a raid on my mum's collection! :P

  2. What a great way to recycle!
    Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of all my old sheets.
    I'll have to look at salvation Army.
    Your quilt is sweet!

  3. It will be wonderful when it's finished, Jane. The fabrics are lovely - vintage sheets can be so addictive!

  4. I love all those beautiful square combinations. Quilting and I have only recently met, but I think we are going to get along juuuuussst fine....although I still have only a vague idea of what I'm doing.
    Retro material is the best, (along with retro kitchen ware of course!)

  5. nqn..i'd love to see what you make with your mothers linen..

    camp and cottage living..i hope you find some sheets..i find availability sporadic..this week i got heaps from a shop that rarely has any..

    thanks christine..i was asked this week whether i was starting a boarding house because i bought so many at one shop

    cityhippyfarmgirl..i would love to see what you are making..and yes..i agree about vintage/retro favourite for patchwork..