Sunday, 15 June 2014

that's how i like it!

simple and rustic
that's how i like it
fussy architectural food landscapes
 smoke and mirrors chemistry experiments
three acts of shakespeare on a plate
are not my thing
and forget about 
latest craze religious fervour food
i'd rather have
a toasted cheese sandwich* 

row 1: hummous with homegrown tomato and mint
row 2: spelt buttermilk pancakes with water poached pears and fresh raspberries and 
roasted pumpkin and capsicum soup with homemade stock
row 3: individual moussakas
row 4: herbs de provence (a gift from france) and cheese scone and 
minted haloumi with the last of summer's tomatoes and cucumber
and lots of different loaves of bread..

note * but it would have to be good bread, preferably home made sourdough, and the best cheese i can afford

what's your thing?


  1. Your favourite food is my favourite too Jane! All of your food looks delicious. Eating real bread, real vegetables and real butter just makes sense doesn't it? I laughed at your landscapes, chemistry and Shakespeare, not my scene either. Your cheese sandwich sounds perfect x

    1. i didn't think it would be your thing's so good to know like minded people..helps to feel less alien..x

  2. You got me at bread...I will stop there for a bit and remember all of the bread that has traveled down my own personal version of the Erie canal but I don't need memories. I have the permanent reminder. I just need to stand in front of the mirror and look at my derriere to know where all of those loaves went and I don't regret a single one! :)

    1. yeah..mine could tell a bread story or two as well..not called 'buns' for nothing!

  3. ahh Fran she cracks me up. I do love the blogging world for 'meeting' like minded people like yourselves. Give me a simple sanga any day Jane. BUT it really has to be sourdough :-)

    1. the connection brydie..the meeting of minds is what it's all about..x

  4. May I offer a sincere and heartfelt.. "ME TOO!" :)

    1. we should start a simple and rustic club celia :) x

  5. minded soul.
    Bread, fresh bread, homemade fresh bread, sourdough, pittas, a shiny topped bagel, still warm from the oven.
    And as for the cheese where do we begin....
    Heather :)
    Just off to cut a slice of wholemeal and slather it in proper butter...