Saturday, 21 June 2014

dandelion, stinging nettle and radish leaf salad

i don't have any typical salad greens such as lettuce, rocket or spinach growing in my garden at the moment
seeds planted in april didn't germinate
and i haven't managed to plant any more
but they're lots of stinging nettles, new dandelion leaves (after autumn pruning) and leaves from freshly picked radishes

to make the salad

boil the dandelion leaves for five minutes in a few tablespoons of water
add radish leaves and cook briefly
then add nettles and boil for a minute or so
drain leaves over a bowl
pour boiled green's water into a glass
and drink
dress the greens with lemon juice, olive oil and salt
and eat

happy winter solstice


  1. Love your work Jane, happy winter solstice to you too x

  2. Oh bum! I just commented on our old Blogger account! Sorry about that Jane, Serendipity Farm tends not to be linked to "The Odo Life" these days, its really me...narf7 in disguise ;)

  3. (looks like it didn't even publish the comment I made in blogger! Sigh...what I WAS saying was that Earl and I both love dandelions but after Earl has finished "loving" them, my passion for them wanes alarmingly and most enormously ;) )