Sunday, 2 March 2014

yeasted coconut date and banana health loaf

i like calling this bread a 'health' loaf..when i ate it i reckon i felt better after having one slice so i had another one all the while feeling the good health vibe infusing my cells..but then..maybe it was just the cups of tea i had with it..

my eldest daughter gave me the scrabble cloth many years ago and the mug was a recent gift from my son

yeasted coconut date and banana health loaf
tea with hazel


150 gms white organic flour
50 gms biodynamic wholemeal flour
50 gms organic coconut flour*
50 gms desiccated coconut
2 large ripe bananas cut into large chunks
10 large medjool dates stones removed and cut into quarters
1 tablespoon (tbs) finely diced candied orange peel (i used my own)
1 tbs finely diced candied lemon peel (i used my own)
30 gms organic coconut butter
2 teaspoons (tsp) honey
1 tsp yeast
4 tbs active sourdough starter (optional)
2 tsp murray river salt (less if using conventional table salt)
filtered water


~ place flours, desiccated coconut, banana, peels, coconut butter, honey, yeast and starter in the bowl of a stand mixer and add enough filtered water* to make a shaggy dough
~ autolyse for 30 minutes, add salt, and mix for 30 seconds
~ mix again for 15-20 seconds and rest for 10 minutes
~ repeat mix rest cycle once more
~ remove bowl from stand mixer, cover with a dampened tea towel, and leave until doubled in volume
~ turn the dough out onto a lightly floured bench, divide in two, gently knead in dates, and then place each piece into a large oiled bread tin
~ cover the tin with tea towel and leave until well risen
~ bake with steam at 230 deg c for 20 minutes, reduce heat to 200 deg c, cover the tin with brown paper, and cook for a further 20 minutes or until well browned
~ cool the bread on a cake cooling rack 


* coconut flour absorbs a lot of fluid so the dough requires more fluid than a bread made with conventional flours only


~ the addition of coconut flour means that dough was not as elastic as per a conventional dough and so it was unkneadable
~ when i cut the loaf i was a bit worried that it was going to be rather leaden but the crumb was soft with an appealing denseness and the crust thick with a satisfyingly was ok the next day too

anyone for a game of scrabble with a cup of tea and a slice or two? just for your health of course!


  1. Hello Jane, this looks so good, I can just imagine how delicious it smelt while it was cooking. I like the idea of putting sourdough starter into a cake/loaf. I have not cooked with coconut butter before, you always introduce me to something new! Scrabble with tea and a slice of loaf sounds lovely. Your scrabble cloth is so fun and bright! x

    1. thanks jane..coconut butter is a really healthy fat and it's lovely to use because it's smells so good and it has a beautiful texture (except when it's refrigerated)..i put a bit in with rice before i cook it to have with curry, dhal or an asian inspired dish..and it's great in cakes, biscuits and bread..x

  2. Yes please Jane! Although you would probably beat me as I haven't played scrabble for a quite a while.

    1. i don't play often either brydie although i wish i did..i find language exciting so i never tire of the world of words..x

  3. Sorry it took me so long to get to "T" in my RSS Feed Reader, some of the "A to's" keep adding more posts... how rude! ;) I love the look of this health cake Jane. I reckon I could use my kefir to culture this cake after experimenting with Joanna's kefir bread and I could veganise it so I could have this scrumptiously moist looking cake to go with all of the cups of tea that I seem to be drinking lately as the weather FINALLY cools down a bit. I love autumn and this cake epitomises everything that is good about autumn :)

  4. thanks's getting cooler here too thank goodness although it's going to be 30 deg c today..i've been watching the weather forecast closely for the last few weeks because my daughter katerina is getting married on saturday and the ceremony is outside under 2 morton bay fig trees that hold a special significance for the bride and the way is the honey the only ingredient you'd need to replace to veganise the recipe? x