Tuesday, 18 March 2014

a tussie mussie for sylvia

had her 90th birthday on saturday
she had dinner with a group of friends that evening
and the next day her daughter took her to shepparton to visit sylvia's sister
 back to work on monday at the local opportunity shop
wearing a dress and lipstick
what a woman!

lemon verbena, carnations, rose buds, tiny apple and leaves, cumquat and leaves, lovage seed head,
lemon balm, lavender, mint flowers and leaves, rose geranium, erigeron and marigold 

long may you wave sylvia



  1. So pretty Jane, and such an impressive list of herbs, flowers and goodness! I can only imagine the beautiful fragrance. Sylvia sounds like a great friend and a character too. x

    1. thanks jane..i feel sad but i think a lot of the smaller op shops will close down as people like sylvia no longer volunteer..the more business like op shops are still good but they just don't have the charm of the little smaller ones..x

  2. What a beautiful posy Jane and what an amazing lady. She sounds a bit like our Gladdy next door who will be 92 this year and who can still be found bums up in her garden out the front of the house on most days. She has 5 acres and lives alone but her daughter drops in to visit every day from nearby. She is fiercly independant and as vital as the primal earth. Here's to the Sylvias and Glads of the world...they give us hope for the future :)

  3. Beautiful! I have to tell you though - when I clicked through, I expected a post on Tasmanian Mussels.. :D

  4. gladys sounds like a former neighbour of mine who, well into her 80's, would mow her huge unruly garden wearing wellies with her grey hair streaming wildly..there was a passion and fire in her that i loved and i have fond memories of drinking cups of tea with her and talking about our vegetable gardens and sewing and life..x