Friday, 20 September 2013

tofu salad

tofu salad*


250 gms organic firm tofu
thumb size piece of ginger grated finely
2 tablespoons (tbs) sesame seeds
1-2 tbs kecap manis
1-2 tbs soy sauce (i used unsalted)
as much coriander as you want (i used homegrown so i used a lot) and cut as you prefer
3 -4 tbs olive oil


~ cut the tofu into preferred sized pieces and place on 3-4 layers of paper towel to drain for an hour or so turning the pieces occasionally 
~ heat oil and add sesame seeds, tofu and half of the ginger and cook over moderate heat turning the tofu pieces until all sides are browned
~ turn off the heat and add the sauces and remaining ginger
~ remove the tofu to a serving dish and add coriander

serving: can be eaten warm or cold..i served it warm yesterday with baked curried cauliflower but it goes well with salad

*   this is a recipe i learned to make when i was working in a cafe but i've adapted the method a bit because i found the sauce burned if the frying pan was left on the heat when it's added and i like the freshness of the extra and uncooked ginger


  1. I love tofu and eat it straight but this looks really tasty and as Steve likes tofu as well, I might try it out on him one night soon before the heat of summer kicks in. Cheers for sharing Jane :)

    1. thanks fran..i like to steam it too with a few julienned vegetables and pop it in a miso broth..x

  2. I love tofu as well, (not sure about those strange people who say they don't like it!) I recently had agedashi while out, and got about a crumb of it as my 5 year old had inhaled the rest. So he would probably like this dish too Jane :-)

    1. i use the firm tofu for this brydie so it's not as delicate as agedashi..but the sophisticated one may like it still :) x

  3. sounds lovely, will try it....thanks :-)

    1. is tofu easy to find where you live? i've never seen it in greece although it might be available in the gourmet grocers in athens where i bought an avocado years ago when they were new on the market in australia..x