Sunday, 8 September 2013

cake etc

bacon, goat curd and lemon broccoli pizza
skara free range bacon, meredith fresh goat curd and
home grown broccoli pizza cooked and ready to eat in 10 minutes
(the dough was retarded overnight in the fridge)

boiled whiskey cake
i was recently given a bottle of chivas regal whiskey by a friend whose
husband is given so many bottles of it that they can't consume it all..
the only way i imbibe it is in cake..
the recipe is from 'national trust teatime baking book:
good old fashioned recipes' by jane pettigrew

lamb souvlakia
i marinade cubes of lamb fillet, on water soaked skewers, in olive oil, salt,
pepper and oregano for an hour or soon as they're cooked i drizzle
 them generously with a mix of extra olive oil, salt, pepper,
oregano and lemon juice

chocolate sponge with mock cream and strawberry jam
i'd never made a sponge cake before this one but it won't be my last..
and i'd never made mock cream either but it was a really nice
change from 'real' cream..the recipe comes from 'a second helping: more
from ladies, a plate' by alexa johnson


  1. Gorgeous baking going on Jane. I especially love the look of that whisky cake. That reminds me...time to get those Christmas cakes going! (At least "think" about them a bit...)

    1. thanks fran..i love making christmas goodies but i stopped making christmas cake for a few years because i was finding my original recipe (it's my maternal grandmother's) too sweet but i've found a recipe that i prefer..

  2. You are always making delicious, interesting food Jane! I bet that pizza tasted good, in fact I am sure all of it did! I can almost smell that tender souvlakia!

    1. thanks jane..the broccoli looks like it was plonked on as an after thought in the photo but it was added at the same time as the other topping ingredients..

  3. I do hope you will share the recipes....I have got my eye on the whisky cake aswelll x

    1. sorry wcd..i can't share the cake recipes because of copyright..