Tuesday, 28 August 2012

op shop finds

silk stitched roses $1

my daughter katerina gave me the red glass container several years ago but recently i found the other two at
different times for $2 each..they sit on the window sill in my bathroom.. 

i've been collecting these vintage/retro square glass jars for a few years now because they are great space savers..
so far i have eleven of them and they cost me between $0.50 to $2 each..because they are stored
 in a large shallow drawer i label the lids so that i can tell what's in them at a glance

whenever i am in an op shop i check to see if they have any fine china mugs for sale because even though
 i like to drink tea from a cup and saucer sometimes it's not practical..this way i can still enjoy the fine china
 experience and also put them in the dishwasher without fear of breaking one and destroying a set..i don't find
 them very often but so far i have 6....they cost between $1 to $2 each..

the one i'm drinking my tea from as i write is a royal albert..it's 'jane' from the 'bronte collection' !

happy hunting op shoppers..x


  1. I love your glass jars! The colours are just beautiful. I have a couple of vintage jars in a bear shape that my Grandma use to have. I think they originally had peanut butter in them but I will always think of them as the biscuit jars.

    1. thanks kate..i especially love the one my daughter gave me..fancy having your grandmother's bear shaped jars..that's really special..i've never seen them but they must be quite large to accommodate biscuits..

  2. Those jars are great for food storage! I have some at home (for flour, sugar, beans, rice, brown sugar, etc.) and can't live without them.

    1. i've had a love hate relationship with jars for storage patricia..they can take up a lot of room and often they aren't large enough to hold the contents of packets of things.. these are the best i've found so far..

  3. Jane I love your bathroom containers they look beautiful. I need to find something like that to jazz up my very old and faded bathroom. Put a bit of bling in!
    I was just scanning your header with all the food pictures... I think you and I would get along just fine :-)

  4. oh thanks brydie..a bit of bling is a good thing!

    glad you liked my header and yes i think we would get on well too..x