Monday, 13 August 2012

chestnut, sage and onion sourdough bread

the kissing crust

chestnut, sage and onion sourdough bread


1 tbs sourdough starter
100 gms white bread flour
125 gms filtered water

final dough
250 gms levain
200 gms warm filtered water
300 gms white bread flour
50 gms chestnut flour
50  gms wholemeal flour
1 tbs crushed murray river salt
20 cooked chestnuts cut in half*
1/3 cup fresh sage cut fine
3 onions sliced fine and cooked in olive oil until well softened and then cooled

method levain

day 1
~mix the starter with the water and flour and cover and leave for 16 hours

method final dough

day 2
~put the levain in the bowl of a stand mixer,add the water, and mix well
~add the flours and mix until well combined
~autolyse for 10 minutes
~add salt and mix for 2 minutes
~rest for 10 minutes and mix again for 2 minutes
~remove the bowl from the mixer, cover the dough with greased cling film, and place in fridge overnight
~the next day remove the dough from the bowl onto an oiled bench and knead in chestnuts, sage and onion
~cover the dough on the bench with the greased cling film and leave for 10 minutes
~knead for a few seconds and cover with the cling film and leave for another 10 minutes
~divide the dough in two and shape each piece into an oblong sealing the seam well
~place each piece of dough seam side down between the floured folds of a tea towel, cover with cling film, and leave for 2 hours or until a finger pressed into the dough leaves an indentation

~pre heat a baking tray and place a dish of boiling water in the oven
~dust each loaf with flour
~dust the baking tray with semolina and place the loaves on the hot tray
~bake the dough at 220 deg c for 25 minutes spraying the oven sides with water several times during the first ten minutes of baking
~lower the temperature to 180 deg c and bake for a further 20-25 minutes or until cooked
~turn the oven off, remove the dish of water, and leave the bread in the oven with the door ajar a few inches for 5-10 minutes

note * i used dried chestnuts that i soaked in water overnight and then boiled in lightly salted water until  cooked

serving suggestion

serve with turkey soup and crispy bacon

well risen sourdough after overnight refrigeration

home grown sage

i hope you have a happy week..x


  1. I think I'm going to faint! I just love it, it's almost like I can taste it! Hugs my friend!

  2. oh..what a lovely comment..thanks eri..x

  3. Hello Jane, yet more interesting and delicious bread from your kitchen. I have not used chestnuts or chestnut flour before. I love the photo of your risen sourdough, it looks perfect! Love your new photo collage too x

  4. Beautiful looking loaf again Jane. A very enticing looking crumb! I've only played with chestnut flour the once, I should again...
    Isn't sourdough wonderful. A home made sourdough loaf compared to bought in a plastic wrapper supermarket fluff... no comparison at all.

  5. I have just discovered your blog through Gooseberry Jam. I love that your blog is inspired by your grandma.
    The sourdough bread looks amazing.

  6. I meant to say that I love that your blog is inspired by your grandma as well. I based my blog on my grandma as well.