Friday, 23 March 2012

pastel natural soap

i now have about 60 bars of soap that i've's enough to keep me, my family and friends clean for quite a while..and it will also keep our skin in good condition too which is good in winter when the atmosphere is very drying particularly for those like me who have sensitive skin..

the pink soap is made with pink french clay, dried rose petals from my garden and olive, coconut, castor, grapeseed and walnut oils..i made a mistake with my calculation so that i had to rebatch it and add it to a second mix..that's what caused the 'salami' look..and the rose petals were initially on the top of the soap but of course when i rebatched it they were mixed through the soap..but happily it's matured nicely and it produces a good lather which makes it a lovely soap to use.. 

the green soap is another rescue mission..the recipe i used for the initial lemon verbena soap i made must have been faulty because i don't think..really and truly..that i made a mistake with this one..but i'm starting to set up well but it has continued to 'leak' i cut up 3/4 of the bars into dice and i added the dice at trace to another batch of soap that i made with olive, coconut and almond oil to which i also added crushed dried lemon verbena leaves that were from my garden..i made this soap about two weeks ago and so it isn't quite ready to use but it is already quite also has a lovely scent from the lemon verbena leaves..

i kept a few of the initial lemon verbena bars of soap because it is such a lovely emollient soap and for that reason i am using it to wash my face..i've never used soap on my face before but it is so moisturising that i am confident that it won't contribute to my wrinkles.. :)

happy weekend petals..x