Sunday, 26 February 2012

down a cobbled lane..

a steamy rainy afternoon breathing easy after days hot days dry days windy

 noticing beauty in asymmetry and random colour juxtoposition 

crisply dry peeling paint reflective of imminent autumn baring it's naked silhouette

pink vibrancy mirrored in autumnal berry bounty

the visual sound of drip drip rain drop rusty patches 

leaves crunch crunch underfoot turning to dust whirling eddying tamed by rain

winter's puffs of vapourous breath nudging relentlessly boisterously arriving..


  1. I wasn't expecting that when I arrived at your blog ! You have a real eye for colour and textures, wow, those are stunning !! What beautiful photos and I love your poem too. I see I have lots of catching up to do on your blog. x Joanna

  2. thank you so much jo for your lovely comments..the photos were taken on my phone because i hadn't gone walking with the intention of taking photos nor did i originally intend posting felt a bit scary baring my soul..

  3. beautiful words to go with beautiful photos, you captured a moment, a feeling.... Your a clever lady, fo sho!!!! xxx

    1. thanks daughter getcha mudder..:)

  4. Bare your soul Jane... it can be rather liberating
    Beautiful words and colours.

  5. thanks brydie..and yes i think you're right..your soulful posts are always so lovely..i must get brave more often..