Sunday, 22 January 2012

'icecream' for breakfast

in winter when it's cold many of us want a warming breakfast such as a bowl of steaming porridge which is a favourite of mine..but it's summer here in melbourne. and the temperatures have been around the 34 deg c range over the last two days and the prediction is that tomorrow will be more of the for me a hot breakfast is not on my preferred breakfast menu..

i was getting ready this morning in my typical leave everything to the last minute style so breakfast was either not going to happen or it was going to be a hurried affair..of all the various options ranging from toast to cereal to grabbing a banana on the way out of the door none appealed so in the end i decided to make a smoothie..and because i didn't have much milk the smoothie was very thick even though i added a little water.. in fact it was more like an ice cream than a drink and so for decorums' sake i served it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon..and surprise surprise it was really a cool way..

i've made plenty of smoothies before but today by sheer chance i had created a deliciously cooling and very healthy breakfast for a hot summers' morning..and i realised i'd made the summer equivalent of winters' steaming bowl of porridge..

breakfast 'icecream'

it's not really a recipe but more of an idea..but this is what i did today..

100 mls organic non-homogenised full cream milk
1 frozen banana (i cut bananas into chunks before freezing them for ease of use later)
1/4 cup frozen rasberries
1 tbs lsa (linseed, sesame seed and almond mix..i grind my own but it can be bought ready ground..
filtered water

put all ingredients except for the water into a blender or food processor or use a stick blender (i use a bamix) and process until smooth adding filtered water if necessary to achieve the consistency desired..scoop into a bowl and eat immediately while it's still frozen..

there are also many other delicious summery options that come to mind such as replacing:

the banana and/or raspberry with fresh or frozen mango, strawberry, pineapple, peach, pear, blueberries, passionfruit (add after processing the 'ice cream'), stewed apricots and so on..

some or all of the milk with yoghurt or buttermilk or fresh fruit juice

the milk with soy or almond milk

other ingredients could be added either before or after processing depending on the ingredient and personal preference too to personalise the 'icecream' such as finely ground oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseed oil (linseed oil), honey, maple syrup, cocoa, coffee granules or frozen espresso, other nuts apart from almonds and dried fruit such as cranberries, sultanas and fact most favourite smoothie ingredients could be adapted to suit breakfast 'icecream'..

i know i was in a hurry but i really must learn to eat more slowly!

so tell me what would you put in and/or on your breakfast 'icecream'?  


  1. banana, linseed meal, sunflower seeds, vanilla, natural yogurt all whizzed up and then a sprinkle of homemade toasted muesli with whole almonds in it stirred through. It's a smoothie, but not as we know it :-) It's been a staple for lunch around here lately...and definitely eaten with a spoon.

    1. that sounds really good..the vanilla would be a great addition to my 'icecream' too..