Thursday, 26 January 2012

bathroom decorating..

when my children were growing up we all shared one bathroom and, like most families, we had matching towels..while we had designated hooks behind the bathroom door where they were hung up quite often the towels would get mixed up and so no-one knew whose towel belonged to whom..over time i started to buy individual towels, rather than sets, in each person's favourite colour and so the problem sorted itself out..

since then i have continued to prefer non matching sets of towels, hand towels, bathmats and face washers..and more and more i prefer to buy older style towels such as the australian brands of dickies, tara and supertex and occasionally i find good quality vintage english and japanese towels all of which i buy very cheaply from op shops..i then create different sets for my bathroom from my collection, according to my mood, each time i change the towels..

i still need to seal the polished concrete floor!

i've just washed my 'blue' set so it's on the line drying..and i have many other colour combinations from which to choose..


  1. Oh I love all those towel combinations and you have just given me the best tip so far for 2012! Buy the children separate towels! No-one ever knows who's is who's regardless of who's hook they hang on! I can still colour coordinate just give them each a little bit of individuality!
    Thanks so much, You've really just made my day! :)

  2. thanks gooseberry really worked well and the children were happy to have towels in their favourite colours..i hope it works for you too..

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  4. I need some new towels, the current ones are old and dreary.
    Your orange and yellow ones are rather spectacular though, love those colours!

    1. if only i had favourite colours would save me from myself and limit my collection..:)