Saturday, 3 December 2011

when i'm not quilting..

i've been reading a lot of fictional books..or truth be told i am re reading books that i read decades ago..most of them were by chaim potok, a jewish author, whom i admire a lot..but i also re read the 'outsider' by albert's been an unexpectedly satisfying much so that i've ordered half a dozen more books from my local library by authors such as tolstoy, satre and isaac beshevis singer..

novels and i didn't like each other much for many many years..i went from being an avid reader devouring a book a day type avidness to having no interest at all..the change in my reading appetite was a consequence of 10 consecutive years of study where my reading became polarised and i developed an unnatural liking for contorted neuronal gymnastics..but we're friends again novels and much so that it seems like we never grew apart..

i've been gardening too..a few weeks ago i pulled out all the past it's best stuff and planted tomatoes,


and climbing beans..

yesterday i harvested my garlic

 and i noticed that my three year old passionfruit is flowering and fruiting well

i've also planted celery, cucumber, rocket, lettuce, eggplant, basil and coriander..the feijoa has it's first offspring, the two year old pomegranate looks as if it might just bear fruit this year, the elderberry is smothered with flowers and rhubarb planted in winter is looking just like the one i pulled out thinking it was a green variety..i've since learned from a nursery person that rhubarb takes a few years to pink up..

i haven't been cooking anything of note lately except that i made christmas puddings about a month ago with a friend of mine..we have been making our puddings together for over 30 years and we haven't missed a year in all that time.. 

my maternal grandmother daphne's recipe

i made two smaller versions..
one for this christmas and one to have in winter
happy december everyone..x


  1. happy december to you, and great job with your garden!

  2. Beautiful garden! Oh and I had no idea that was passionfruit flower. I picked some because they looked so beautiful!

  3. Jane I love that you have been making Christmas puddings with the same friend for the past 30 years (and never missed a year!) that just tickles me pink. For one, because I love, LOVE Christmas pudding and two because that is such a lovely connection to have with someone.
    I've never made a pudding before, but I would be quite happy to 'borrow' one of yours :-)

  4. Love a Christmas pudding and it looks likes you make yours exactly like your grandmother used to as well, Big old enamel basin and all...
    Always a good idea to make a couple at a time.
    Do you freeze your pudding for Winter?

  5. Jane, there's so much treasure in your garden at the moment! I've never made a Christmas pud, but yours looks divine!

  6. thanks nichole, nqn, brydie, gooseberry jam and celia for your comments..and gooseberry jam i dont freeze the puddings i make to eat in winter..once they've dried out enough i wrap them in a tea towel and store them in a dark, dry and airy cupboard..i've never had one spoil..

  7. Hello Hazel, I was interested, and delighted, to see the long period you have been making your christmas puddings and from your grandmother's recipe. I have been using a recipe that has been in the family for longer than I care to remember. From your grandmother's recipe I was able to see that she used plain flour, the reason why I mention this is that on our family recipe it just says 'flour' and I have always used plain flour but for some reason my sister uses SR flour. I don't think it made a lot of difference to the pudding. Our recipe used dried breadcrumbs which is a departure from the norm.
    I do hope that your health is improving.

  8. hi carmen..thanks for visiting..we've only been using fresh breadcrumbs for the last two years..up until then we only used dried like you..the reason we changed was because i'd looked at lots of christmas pudding recipes and most of them seem to use fresh breadcrumbs so we decided to give it a go..i think the texture is better but the change hasn't made a huge difference..thanks for your comment about my health..i'm trying a few different things at the moment that i hope will help..jane