Sunday, 6 November 2011

mango ice cream

in summer when mangoes are at their best and cheapest i indulge and buy a box of them every now and then..many are eaten as is..the cheeks are cut off and the flesh slashed to the skin forming easily dispatched cubes.. even with this method it's a messy business especially defleshing the seed which my less than salubrious self can be found doing, dripping mango juice down my chin and onto my clothes if i'm not careful, leaning over the kitchen sink..

before i came across these beauties yesterday i'd been contemplating sweet mango recipes and very few of the ideas i came up with appealed to me..i don't fancy mango in cake or cake with mango curd but when i thought of mango ice cream it definitely seemed very i looked online and found a recipe that i adapted today to suit what i had on hand and also because i like to play around with foody ideas..

i didn't have to buy anything to make the ice cream.. the lemons i have are home grown ones that i bought last week from an op shop for 0.20 cents each, i made yoghurt last night using a method recommended by brydie and my mint is rampant..and instead of glucose i used honey, and just to see the effect i replaced some of the yoghurt with coconut cream and i added the lemon zest because i love to come across bits of lemony zest goodness in ice cream..

8 large not too ripe mangoes for $12

mango icecream recipe


1 large or two small ripe mangoes peeled and flesh cut into medium dice
50 gms icing sugar
50 gms honey
juice and zest of 1 large or two small lemons
400 gms yoghurt 
100 gms coconut cream
1 tbs finely cut mint


put all ingredients except for lemon zest into a food processor and process until well pureed
add lemon zest
churn in an icecream maker according to the manufacturers instructions (i have a kitchen-aid ice cream making attachment)
remove ice cream from the churn and place it into a bowl, cover with foil and place in the freezer

at the same time as i bought the mangoes i bought 2 kgs of bananas for $ that might not sound that exciting to some of you..but to us aussies..well to this aussie it is great because i haven't bought bananas for months because they've been $15 per kg..the price increase was due to the devastation of 85 per cent of the $200 million industry by cyclone yasi early in the year..but the plantations are producing again after intensive redevelopment of the industry..

i think my banana buying frenzy was a tad over enthusiastic because i now have a dozen bananas that will ripen fast in the heat we've been experiencing in the last few days..i will freeze a few peeled bananas for smoothies and make banana ice cream using a similar recipe to the mango ice cream..hopefully that will take care of seems to be the story of my culinary life that i start fires in order to work out the best way to put them out :)   

the ice cream is good by the way..a nice balance of sweet, sour, creamy, minty and fruity mango flavour..i'll let you know how the banana ice cream goes..i rather fancy putting a praline through it or maybe making a butterscotch sauce to swirl through it after it's set a bit..i'll see at the time..


  1. I am really not craving ice cream at the moment (it is 23 degrees outside and dark), but this recipe looks delicious! Also, I don't know how many frozen bananas you have, but have you tried banana peanut butter "ice cream"? You take chopped frozen banana, a dollop of peanut butter and a drizzle of honey and put it all in a food processor. Voila! Banana peanut butter ice cream without the cream and sugar!

  2. I love mangoes, it's one of my favorite fruit but I have never tried mango ice cream before. I'm bookmarking this recipe for next summer.
    Nice to have found your blog!

  3. You know summer is here when you start seeing the trays of mangoes for sale. Yum! Now your icecream sounds absolutely delicious Jane, and bananas for $3? Bargain!

  4. Love this recipe, even if we are headed to the cold months, I still make ice cream, just made some this past weekend. My husband will go crazy for this one, mango and coconut... WOW!

  5. Yum! I love the use of coconut cream and mint. I can just imagine that hubby would be all over it like white on rice ;)

  6. Hello. I've saw you at Celia's blog and popped over for a look. Aren't the mangoes terrific at the moment; and good price too. I've been getting 4 for $5. Mango smoothies every day for the last ten days. No sign of us tiring from them either. I do wish I had an icecream churn. I would give this recipe a go for sure; it sounds delicious and looks amazing. Actually, I think I just worked out my first request for this years christmas list. An icecream churn. Nice to meet you. Mariana.

  7. Mangoes are just coming in to season in Australia and they sell these great big boxes of them and I always wonder what I should do with them... this sounds like a great idea!

  8. i can imagine nichole that you wouldn't want ice cream at that temperature..i haven't tried frozen banana with peanut butter but i do whiz up yoghurt and frozen banana in summer for a quick icy treat..i must try your version..thanks..

    thanks for visiting magda..

    hi brydie..i was surprised to see boxes of mangoes so early..they usually appear in melbourne much later but i'm not complaining..and the bananas have been such a treat after months of a banana famine :)

    thanks bewitching kitchen..i can imagine a hot pudding in winter with ice cream..

    now that's an expression i've not heard before nqn....'white on rice' :)..

    thanks for visiting mariana..the mangoes are really prolific and early this year and cheap as well..i hope you get your ice cream churn for christmas..

    it's nice to hear from you clever muffin..a big box of mangoes can be a bit overwhelming can't it and they ripen quite fast in the warm weather..if you make the ice cream i hope you enjoy it..

  9. Well done with that recipe, Jane, the icecream looks just the thing for this stinky hot Sydney weather we've been having! And honestly, I thought bananas were never going to be affordable again! :)

  10. Hi Jane, they must be everywhere right now as my local greengrocer was selling them very cheaply the other day too and I bought some and was cutting them up last night thinking 'can you cook these?' I was thinking maybe of putting them in a cake of some sort, but not sure. So maybe I will make some icecream instead inspired by you! , there is mango chutney too which I love, but have no idea how to make, I wonder if that is made with underripe mangoes...