Wednesday, 12 October 2011

don't have time

lately i've been waking up in the morning with urgent sewing my daughter's quilt showering, teeth brushing and all that stuff we do to make ourselves presentable to the world has been irking i've found myself doing the bare minimum and doing a pretty good job of convincing myself that i just look like i've been painting when i throw on the faded paint spattered tracksuit pants..and i often don't eat breakfast..don't have time..lunch is a hit and miss affair where if i've made bread..i seem to find time for that..i will have a slice or three with butter and vegemite..and dinner has often been weird random grazing over a few hours..sultanas..celery sticks..another piece of time to toast apple..yoghurt..well, you get the idea..  

last night i had one of those little chats i have with myself about the state of affairs..the outcome was that i thought i'd better cook dinner..i wasn't surprised when i looked in the fridge to find a paucity of culinary time for shopping either..but i managed to mentally cobble together an embryonic idea that started with the over abundance of pumpkin that's residing in said fridge..i bought the pumpkin a few months ago because it was so beautiful and i had it sitting on my kitchen bench for ages to enjoy it's pumpkiny loveliness..i sometimes do things like that rather than livening up the domain only with flowers..

anyway getting on with cooking dinner bit of the story..i cut up a whole lot of pumpkin into smallish cook quickly chunks and put them in a roasting pan along with a couple of onions roughly cut the same size, a few unpeeled garlic cloves, a bit of dried home grown chilli and some fresh sage leaves, popped in some bacon fat i had sojourning in the fridge and the usual suspects like salt and pepper and oil..towards the end i added some roughly hewn bits of home made sour dough the meantime i boiled some twirly type pasta with a bit of rocket thrown in at the end of the cooking time..i mixed it together and served it with freshly grated parmesan..

ok..i agree it's not that exciting to look at but it tasted quite good and it was better than the crazy grazing alternative..and by the way i've made huge progress on the quilt..tomorrow it will be ready for me to start the hand quilting..


  1. Hehe I have the same pumpkin situation! I bought it because it was so pretty hoping that it would last for a Halloween decoration but alas I think it needs eating :)

  2. Pumpkin is always delicious isn't it. I was looking up pumpkin cupcakes yesterday and intrigued enough to probably give them a go. Probably not what you want for dinner, but maybe a one handed snack while you finish your quilting? No stray crumbs though!

  3. I can't wait to see this quilt, Jane, it must really be something! It's all so time consuming - are you handquilting the whole thing?

  4. sounds like a lot of pumpkin meals at your house too nqn..:)

    thanks for the suggestion brydie..i need all the help i can get with ideas for using 8 kilos of pumpkin..

    yes's all hand pieced and quilted..i worked out that on average it takes a year to make a quilt..