Tuesday, 19 August 2014

broccoli and stilton soup

broccoli is a vegetable that grows easily in melbourne's winter
 just net the seedlings in autumn when the cabbage moth larvae are still active
or maintain a constant vigil
and two months later you'll be picking 
green bouquets

broccoli and stilton soup
tea with hazel


vegetable stock

2 onions cut medium
2 large carrots cut into medium rounds
2-3 celery stalks cut medium and celery leaves
3-4 parsley stalks including leaves
4 garlic cloves
1 tbs pepper corns
olive oil
filtered water


1 medium onion cut into large dice
6-8 spring onions, including green, sliced
2 medium potatoes cut medium
1 celery stalk sliced
1 green chilli, seeds removed, sliced
2 litres vegetable stock
1/2 medium cauliflower, stalks removed and retained, and florets cut medium
1 large broccoli head, leaves retained, stalks removed and retained, and florets cut medium
olive oil
salt and pepper
50 gms stilton

extras per serve

1-2 tablespoons (tbs) lemon juice
2 tbs fresh sourdough breadcrumbs crisped in bacon fat (or olive oil for a vegetarian option)
1-2 tbs crumbled stilton


vegetable stock

~ saute onion, carrot, celery stalks and garlic in olive oil until the vegetables are transparent and browning on edges
~ cover with water and add parsley and pepper corns
~ bring to the boil, reduce to simmer, and cook for 45 minutes, and then strain

broccoli soup  

~ saute onion, spring onions, potato, celery and chilli in olive oil until vegetables are transparent and browning on edges
~ add cauliflower and broccoli stalks, broccoli leaves and stock and bring to the boil, lower heat to simmer ad cook until the vegetables are soft
~ add cauliflower florets, cook until al dente, and then add broccoli florets and cook until just soft
~ adjust seasoning
~ remove a few of the broccoli florets, roughly break them up and set aside, and puree the soup using a blender or stick blender
~ stir through stilton

to serve

~ divide broccoli florets between soup bowls, add soup, drizzle with lemon juice, and garnish with stilton and bread crumbs

polenta, corn flour, biodynamic wholemeal flour and organic white flour sourdough

soup and bread is one of my favourite meals


  1. A beautiful marriage of flavours.

  2. Green bouquets...what a lovely description! Delicious soup and how about that enamel spoon. Wonderful, creative bread as usual x

  3. Hi Jane, Love the soup, (we have broccoli galore at the moment so I may try it) and your bread looks "to die for". Just fabulous.

  4. lucky you having lots of broccoli..it's really expensive here in melbourne..$7-$8/kilo..x

  5. What a magnificent looking loaf of bread! The soup is stellar but that bread looks amazing! I didn't manage to grow broccoli this year...who am I kidding, I didn't manage to grow much of anything this year! I am so unorganised when it comes to veggie gardening and knowing what to plant and when. You would think that I would be a little more accomplished with 4 years horticultural studies including two diploma's but nope...veggie gardening has me walking around stiff legged and twitching and snorting in the direction of Sanctuary. All I managed to grow this winter was some garlic (that grew from last years unharvested weedy crop) and some kale that has been in the garden for 2 years now and that the possums refuse to eat. I might need a crash course in veggie gardening 101 methinks as spring is here and I need to get my act together if we are going to eat anything out of the garden this year ;)

  6. it's so easy to miss planting times with vegetable gardening fran..i struggle to get things in on time and i'm not studying..x