Tuesday, 6 May 2014

milk glass

atop the mantle piece is my milk glass collection
soothing me
with white soft light whispers 
exhausting me
brash red, green, orange and blue enamel teapots gone
for now

a gift from my girl kat..because i love chooks

photo bombed by sourdough baguettes! 

it has 'avon' on the base but i don't hold that against it

large cake stand (too big for the mantle piece)

my bread needs to get over itself!


  1. Your milk glass is lovely Jane, it is soothing I agree. Is the chook old or new? I am just curious. It is beautiful. Your bread looks delicious too, love a bit of bread photography on my Wednesday morning x

    1. thanks jane..the chook is old and i know kat paid quite a lot for it because i was with her when we found it in a cafe/secondhand shop..if only they could be found in op shops! x

  2. Beautiful, Jane! I didn't know it was called milk glass, but I can see why! :)

  3. thanks celia..i only collect the larger and useful pieces..there're a lot of smaller purely decorative pieces around but i'm not into dusting so they're no good for me..x

  4. LOL! Love that milk glass and those baguettes! ;)