Sunday, 26 January 2014

handkerchief quilt progress

i haven't managed to get much time nor have i had the head space to work on my handkerchief quilt lately but even so i've managed to applique ten handkerchiefs to their backing fabric..just fifteen to go before i start putting the individual pieces together..a day and a half tidying my studio means i can get to my projects much easier now and the order helps encourage creativity..

one of three handkerchiefs sent to me by the lovely jane at shady baker

the handkerchief my mother had at her debut

do you find messy spaces get in the way of your creativity?


  1. These are so incredibly delicate and pretty Jane! I admire your patience and creativity. Yes, messy space gets in the way of my creativity, I totally understand x

  2. Beautiful, Jane! What a gorgeous collection of handkerchiefs you have there!

    1. thanks celia..they're just the ones that i've stitched to the backing fabric..the collection is much bigger!