Thursday, 13 June 2013

what's cooking?

barley malt syrup biscuits
these not too sweet but crunchy biscuits were made for an afternoon tea last week
i found the recipe on the label of the tin of syrup 

roquefort, prosciutto and quince paste pizza
the base is made with a mix of  00 flour, bread making flour and boiled potato
i cooked the base for 5 minutes at 275 deg c added the topping and cooked it for another 4 minutes
the cheese was too strong (i was warned that it would be but i didn't listen)
next time i will use gorgonzola 

chocolate custard
served in brown enamel mugs
made with my gran hazel's custard recipe with the addition of 1 tablespoon of cocoa

organic amaranth, sour cream and lyle's golden syrup bread
the amaranth gives the bread an interesting crunch
i'm going to plant some of the seeds because i've been on the lookout for amaranth seeds for ages
the greeks use amaranth leaves to make 'horta' and it's my favourite cooked leafy green 

i'm flying to sydney on monday and then my brother adam and i are spending about a week driving up the new south wales and queensland coast
my brother tim is going to fly in to join us somewhere along the way
my other brother david would have come too but he is overseas at the moment

it will be a very special trip


  1. Enjoy travelling with your family Jane, this sounds like a special trip indeed!

    Your biscuits look like perfect, no nonsense afternoon tea nourishment. What an interesting pizza, wow! Chocolate custard in enamel cups...perfect winter food x

  2. Buon Viaggio!!
    Would love to taste the bread.

  3. Have a wonderful time with your family, Jane! And that pizza - goodness, I'd love to be eating that right now! x

  4. Have a fantastic time with your brothers Jane and that bread (and everything else) looks amazing! :)

  5. Hope you've had a wonderful trip Jane. xxx

  6. thanks jane, wcd, celia, trts and brydie..xxxxx