Sunday, 15 July 2012

this week..

i picked my crabapples which was a bit late in the
season and many had rotted on the tree and
so i only had enough for one jar of jelly

i bought these tulips for $5 from a roadside stall
in the dandenongs on the way home from a very
muddy bushwalk 

i picked these violets which are growing profusely
along my drive..they smell divine 

i picked lavender

i decided to pick all of my chillies and i will now dry them

i made a new soap with oats and lemon myrtle

i bought  a t2 teacup at the op shop for $1

i hope your week was a happy and productive one too..x


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    1. Busy busy...I have been very lazy at the beach! So hot here...

    2. how lovely to be relaxing at the beach..:)

  2. Lovely Jane...I especially like the lavender! The soap looks like a yummy slice of cake. Have a good week my friend x

    1. thanks jane..the soap does look edible doesn't doesn't have any scent in it but it has lots of goodies in it for keeping skin soft..x

  3. Those tulips look beautiful and I can almost taste your crabapple jelly...I hope this week is just as productive for you...Kate

  4. thanks kate..the tulips lasted two weeks which is a lot longer than store bought flowers..and the jelly is nearly gone i have to wait a year to make more..