Thursday, 11 August 2011


i love enamel cups..

and i have 78 of them..what do i do with them i hear you ask..well..sometimes they become window sill displays in colour order or mixed up..sometimes they have matching enamel teapots to keep them company..the unchipped ones i use to make pies or puddings or to serve sauces and salsas and they go on picnics and bushwalks for cups of tea..and the others make good vases for flowers..what do you collect? jane


  1. What a gorgeous collection, Jane! I collect cowboy boots, and muppets, and fossils, and Swarovski crystal.. :)

    Here's a post I wrote on them last year (hope it's ok to put the link up - please delete it if you'd rather)..

  2. I love enamel cups too although you don't tend to see them in stores much nowadays!

  3. WOW!! Great collection, you must having been hunting for years! You have some real beauties!! I collect Enamel, anything, cups, plates, bowls, saucepans, colanders, jugs, teapots, dripping pots...Most of mine is blue and white, then I have a small collection of green and yellow and a splash of red, orange, yellow, bright blue... It is so hard to find these days but I am always on the lookout especially for an unusual colour. I always use my blue and white enamel when I am entertaining, My poor mother is horrified! She can't understand why I use those old tin plates while the good china sits on the shelves! LOL!
    Thanks for the ideas for using up my passionfruit! I do like the sound of the Passionfruit delicious!! :)

  4. celia..i just had a look at your collections on the link you gave..those boots are made for walkin' alright..and your jewellery is lovely..

    nqn..i have found most of the cups in op shops except for 2 baby sized ones that a friend brought back from italy..

    oh..goody..a fellow enamel collector gooseberry jam..that's so funny about your plates..a lot of people think enamel is just for picnics but i use mine every day and like you i love to use it for entertaining..

  5. I think these are great! I once got an enamel mug in my Christmas stocking years ago. They sound like they get used for everything, what sorts of pies do you make in them?

  6. hi joanna..great to hear from you..i make savoury pies usually such as beef and guinness..there's a photo of one i threw together at the end of my previous having a lunch for about 14 next week and i plan to make chicken pies in them..because i have different sizes cups i can make varying sized pies to account for differing appetites..jane

  7. Look at all those cups! That's a wonderful collection Jane.
    I love retro kitchen ware and vintage children's books.

  8. i love retro kitchen ware too..i'd love to see some of yours cityhippyfarmgirl..and vintage children's books are another thing i love but i don't collect them..

  9. Hi there. Interesting little place you have. Thanks for your dear messages. Enamel cups makes me think of my childhood. We used to have some red and blue ones. To drink syrup out of those always tasted a bit different I can remember.

    I found a beautiful enamel set on a market before Christmas last year. 4 red cups accompanied by a teapot. With big hearts on. So cute. I just couldn't resist them. I served Swedish glögg ( similar to glüwein) in them. That was really nice.

    I will browse around a bit more. It is blogland catch up time.


  10. it's lovely to hear from you annette and thanks for your message..i love the sound of your red enamel set and the great idea of using it to serve an alcoholic drink..jane